Why Adults Need Tetanus Shots

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As a parent, you probably make sure you take your children to the doctor for regular checkups and vaccinations, but do you do the same for yourself? If you are like many parents, you may not prioritize healthcare services for yourself simply because your life is so busy caring for your children. Getting proper immunizations as an adult is just as important as taking your kids for their shots, and one of the most important vaccines you should not avoid is the one doctors give to protect you from tetanus.

How Often You Need It

Children receive five doses of tetanus shot vaccinations over the course of their childhood, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also recommends getting these shots every 10 years after completing the initial series.

If you think back to the last time you had a tetanus shot, can you even remember when it was? If not, there is a good chance you are probably due for one.

Why You Need It

Many adults do not think getting vaccinations is really all that important, but it is, especially when it comes to tetanus shots. Tetanus, also called lockjaw, is a serious disease you can easily contract. While most people think you can only get it if you step on a rusty nail, this is not really true.

Tetanus is a bacteria found almost everywhere, and contracting tetanus is not really hard to do. If you have an open wound and come in contact with this bacteria, you could contract this deadly disease. The bacteria that causes this is found in dirt, soil, manure, and water, and you may not even realize you were exposed to it until it is too late.

Keeping up with the 10-year rule on vaccinations is the best method for protecting yourself against this disease.

You May Need Other Vaccinations Too

In addition to getting tetanus shots, there might be other types of vaccinations you should get. The only way to know what types you need and when you need them is by visiting a doctor on a regular basis. If you go to the doctor for yearly examinations, your doctor will keep you informed about the types of vaccinations you should get. While most of these are optional, it's always important to understand the risks of not getting them.

If you are overdue for a tetanus shot, visit a doctor's clinic today to protect yourself. You can schedule an appointment by contacting a clinic, such as Snowy Range Health Center, or you can go to an urgent care center without an appointment.