High Quality Treatment With Easier Access: Advantages Of Your Chemo Delivery Port

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Being forced into a fight with cancer is likely to be one of the most challenging things you ever have to face. Rather than allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by confusion and concerns, it's important that you take every opportunity to understand the treatment process and move forward with the determination that befits you.

Understanding the treatment process can go a long way toward increasing your comfort. When you're prescribed chemotherapy, your doctors might determine that the installation of a port is necessary to guarantee the delivery of your chemo. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of that port that should help reduce some of the uncertainty and anxiety that might come with its installation. 

Easier Blood Draws

A long cancer fight will require you to get used to the feeling of having your blood drawn for testing. Constant oversight of your cell counts and the amount of toxins in your blood stream can leave you feeling like a pin cushion unless you have an easier access point.

Your chemo port represents that access point and has benefits beyond being a delivery system. Since your port will be installed in a large vein in your upper chest, it represents an excellent site for easier blood draws that should localize your discomfort and minimize any unnecessary bruising and pain.

Guaranteed Hydration

One of the many small battles you'll be forced to fight during your cancer treatment is with your attempts to stay hydrated. Dehydration can wear down your immune system and leave you feeling sick and exhausted, but some cancer treatments may cause that dehydration and create an unfortunate cycle.

Having access to a chemo port means being able to receive IV fluids as needed. This can allow you to come back from dehydration even when your body isn't cooperating. If your nausea is high and oral consumption is a challenge, then IV fluids might be the best and only option available.

Direct Chemo Delivery

Ultimately, the primary function of your chemo port stands alone as its biggest advantage. You deserve to have your cancer treated as thoroughly and aggressively as possible, and your port represents an opportunity to achieve just that. By having access to your blood stream and delivering critical medication directly to the source, you can be sure that you'll always have access to the treatments you need, and you'll never be left wondering if you can be doing more.