Services You May Need When Recovering From A Stroke At Home

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If you recently suffered from a stroke and have a long road to recovery ahead of you, you may want to consider hiring in-home health care services to help you with this. Some people who suffer from strokes will end up in rehabilitation centers or nursing homes, but you can also choose to recover from your stroke at home. If you do this, you may need several different types of in-home health care providers to come to your home to work with you.

Why people choose to recover at home

Strokes can be minor or major, but a major stroke will typically leave a person paralyzed on one side of their body. When this happens, the person might be able to recover from the stroke and regain the ability to walk and move again; however, there are times when this is not always possible. When people suffer from strokes and do not want to recover away from home, they can choose to stay home and do this. Recovering at home is often a more comfortable experience for a person, but the person will typically need people to come to the home to provide essential healthcare services.

The types of services you may need after a stroke

Everyone is different when it comes to recovering from a stroke, but many stroke victims will need the following types of assistance afterward:

  • Personal hygiene assistance – If you suffered from a loss of mobility and movement from your stroke, you may need a home health care aide to come to your home to help you bathe, brush your teeth, wash your face, and use the bathroom.
  • Physical therapy – If you lost any movement at all, you will need to undergo physical therapy. This is typically needed for stroke victims, but the length of time it is needed will depend on the exact losses you experienced from the stroke.
  • Occupational therapy – Physical therapy is great for helping people regain strength and mobility, but occupational therapy is essential for relearning how to do basic things you can no longer do, such as eating with a fork.

The types of services you may need will depend on the severity of the stroke. A stroke often damages part of the brain when it strikes, and this can leave a person with a lot of needs afterward. If you are interested in getting in-home health care services to help you recover at home, contact a healthcare company that provides these services.