4 Things To Do To Get Ready For Knee Replacement Surgery

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Getting your knee replaced can help you regain your mobility and regain control of your life. Knee replacement surgery can help eliminate the pain in your knee and give you the back function of your knee. Knee replacement is a big surgery, though, and you need to be prepared for the recovery process. There are things you can do to help get ready for your knee replacement surgery.

#1: Strengthen Your Muscle

First, you will want to work to strengthen your muscles around your knee before you have surgery. You are going to want to start physical therapy before you go into surgery. Having strong muscles around your knee will help reduce the pain after your surgery and help improve the function of your knee.

#2: Eliminate and Decrease Medication

Second, you need to either decrease or eliminate the other medications you are taking before your surgery. You don't want to have any complications with your surgery. You will want to stop taking any medication that inhibits blood clotting, such as NSAID and aspirin. You are going to want to stop any opioid pain medications. You are going to want to also stop any steroids that suppress your immune system.

If you are taking any homeopathic supplements or medications, you will want to review those with your doctor. You may want to discontinue the use of homeopathic treatments before your surgery.

#3: Reduce Alcohol Use

Third, you will want to reduce your alcohol usage or stop it entirely in the weeks before your surgery. Alcohol can impact anesthesia, which is why you are going to want to stop using it in the lead-up to your surgery. If you do drink at all, you will want to report that to your surgeon so that they can make the appropriate adjustments to ensure your safety during surgery.

#4: Start Working on Weight Loss

If you are overweight, that will put an additional strain on your knee during the recovery process. In the months leading up to your surgery, it is a good idea to start a weight loss program approved by your doctor. Getting to a healthy body weight can help improve the ease with which you recover from your surgery and adjust to having a new knee easier.

To get ready for knee replacement surgery, you will want to work to get your weight to a healthy range and engage in physical therapy to strengthen your knee. These two actions will help strengthen your body and improve the recovery process. In the weeks leading up to your surgery, you will want to decrease or eliminate the use of certain medications and herbal treatments, as well as alcohol usage.

Contact a local medical professional to get more tips on how to prepare for knee replacement surgery.