What Can Ketamine Treatments Do For People With PTSD?

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Post-traumatic stress disorder can affect people of any age and disposition. This disorder can occur after a single traumatic event or ongoing abuse or trauma. PTSD can be difficult to treat, but fortunately, alternative therapies like ketamine treatment can offer relief. These are some things that ketamine treatments can do for people with PTSD:

1. Soothe hypervigilance.

When people experience dangerous situations, their bodies produce adrenaline to help them meet the oncoming threat. This creates a sense of vigilance that can help people survive life-threatening situations. However, people with PTSD frequently experience hyperarousal, which is a state of fight or flight regardless of their surroundings. Hypervigilance can be upsetting for people suffering from PTSD and their loved ones. Ketamine naturally relaxes the body and mind and can help people with PTSD overcome states of hypervigilance and alarm.

2. Relieve depression symptoms.

PTSD often produces symptoms of depression and anxiety. People may feel depressed because of the effects of PTSD on their lives. Additionally, the flashbacks that sometimes occur with PTSD can cause people to continually remember upsetting situations that lower their moods. Ketamine is an effective therapy for treatment-resistant depression. It can help people with PTSD overcome feelings of despair, anhedonia, and sorrow.

3. Provide fast relief.

Many traditional treatments for depression and anxiety take weeks or months to work. This can be challenging for people who are suffering and need relief right away. Fortunately, ketamine treatment can help people with PTSD feel better after their first session. The effects of ketamine are long-lasting and cumulative, so you will likely see continual improvement throughout your treatment. However, you should be able to notice some effects right away. This can offer hope to people who are suffering through difficult situations with their mental health.

4. Supplement the use of other therapies, such as talk therapy.

Ketamine treatment can be highly effective for people with PTSD, but like other pharmaceutical treatments, it is usually most effective when used with other therapies. Some types of talk therapy have been proven to be effective in helping people who suffer from PTSD. Attending talk therapy with this condition can be challenging because discussing the source of your trauma can trigger the symptoms of PTSD. Ketamine can help by lowering the physical and mental symptoms of this condition so people can partake in therapy with fewer triggers. This can help you progress faster in talk therapy with less discomfort. 

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